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The 12 Week Online Transformation Challenge provides an honest approach to training and nutrition, which transforms peoples’ lives.

Unlike most fitness professionals, I understand that you are unique and a generic training program doesn’t work when it comes to complex issues surrounding training and nutrition.

I don’t provide quick fixes or condone the latest fad diets which provide false hope and short-term results. The advice and guidance I provide for 12 weeks is supported by over 20 years in the fitness industry, multiple recognised qualifications and hours of personal development and self-study on the most up-to-date scientific literature and research.

If you want to transform your body and mind look no further.

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The Opium 12 Week Online Transformation Challenge wants to help you find your strong.


Opium Gym

12 Week Online Transformation Challenge

    Personal nutrition plan
    Personal training plan
    Weekly motivational videos
    Member of a private group
    Direct messaging service

Become your
best shape

All we need from you is…

  12 Weeks of your life
  12 Weeks of motivation
  12 Weeks of consistency



for 3 Months
PT Sessions are not included in this price

Opium Gym

12 Week Online Transformation Challenge
“My waist is down fro 38″ to 35″ and I am at least 50% stronger than I was at the start based on the weights I am now able to lift and rep.”
“Nathan Ross you are an absolute fitness guru but above all a gentleman. Your method, mindset and commitment to this transformation challenge is amazing.”
“You’ll be put in a private facebook group with other challengers, you’ll be amazed how helpful and motivating this will be, seeing lovely people going through the same highs and lows as you will.”
One of the best classes I have ever done, I’ve been and done all the other classes at commercial gyms, all the boxercise and body pumps. The motivation you get from the other members and the style of class is unbeatable.
Excellent way to burn loads of calories and tone at the same time. Nathan really motivates and encourages you to push yourself. He cares about people’s progression and results as much as we do for ourselves.
Currently on week 8 of the challenge and loving it. The support you get from the group is awesome. If you put the work in you will get the results. The best thing about the challenge is the group of people in it with you.
The greatest part of this is the support you get from the private Facebook group. The group helps with food ideas, pushing each other, also when you’re having a bad day, you find out everyone is going through the same.
Everyday we are pushed mentally to keep us on our toes! If you have the will and desire then you will be provided with all the tools to succeed in this 12 week challenge! Nathan is a great trainer and a fantastic coach!
Great working with Nathan on the 12 week challenge. I achieved my set goals in 10 weeks and the last 2 weeks were a bonus. 100% would recommend this to anyone to make a lifestyle change.
This has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’m 50 years of age and I’ve tried many diets over the years but as I’ve got older I’ve found it really hard to lose weight.
Best thing I’ve decided to do for a long long time. With Nathan’s expertise as well as a great diet and workout plan you will see drastic changes in such a short space of time. Will be recommending this to friends and family.
To start without trying to deter anyone, this is by far one of he hardest challenges I’ve ever set myself. But what you gain from this challenge and Nathan is so much more.
This challenge changes your life. From the advice, the diet, the training programme, it’s all there for you. The motivation from Nathan and the group is off the scale. You just need to embrace the transformation challenge and you will see results.


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