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£50 A Month Direct Debit 6 Month Contract

Do you struggle to know what to do at the gym?

Have you always wanted a personal trainer to help and support you in the gym?

Do you find it hard to get your nutrition right ?

Are you looking to get results at a price you can afford?

Do you want to transform your body and lifestyle?


Opium Gym online offers an online fitness training and nutrition program that is designed to help individuals achieve their personal exercise and nutrition goals.

What makes our online fitness programs different from other downloadable training programs is you will not be on your own in pursuing your health and fitness goals.

Our Opium gym online app allows us to be in touch with you regularly, so we can guide you through your fitness training programs and dietary needs, whenever and wherever you are. Unlike other fitness programs online, our app offers the expertise of real professional trainers who will create a tailored fitness and nutrition plan for you.


Each workout is designed by a qualified personal trainer. We take into account your goals, current fitness and any previous injuries or illness you may have had. We then design a training program that will get you results. it doesn’t stop there we will constantly track your progress using the Opium gym app and make changes to keep you progressing. Each workout also comes with videos that show you how to do the exercises properly.


Most of us know what foods we should be eating to stay fit and healthy. The problem is doing it consistently enough to make a change to your body.
We can design you a personalised nutrition plan with shopping lists amd recipes.
 we can also view your nutrition on a daily basis. All we ask is that you track your nutrition honestly. Then we can advise on the best options to keep you moving towards your goals.


We want our online clients to receive the same attention to detail that our in-person clients receive. We want to make changes to the fitness program to keep you moving in the right direction and keep you injury free. If you are not sleeping properly, we want to know as it could indicate you are over-training. You may be lacking in energy which would lead to us assessing your current nutrition and advising on a better path to keep you building strength, losing weight or improving sports performance.

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